About Me

I’m a 62-year-old, fairly active, guy who has been very healthy all of my life – well, with exception of the on-going battle of middle-aged spread. I got an initial diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma on April 17, 2015.

summerof100I’m not sure why I’m writing this blog, perhaps for my own therapy, nor have I decided how widely I’ll share it.

I work in communications and marketing at a small midwestern liberal arts college. I have written a wine blog for 8 years – Grape Sense.

The very first blog post, written April 25, sets the background.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share. I’m not sure if anyone’s words of wisdom or experience help others, but on just that chance … off we go!


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Lil Mirando says:

    Hi Howard. I finished Adriamycin on Nov. 23 and will start Taxol (weekly for 10 weeks) on Wednesday. Hey, we’re almost the same age. Take care.


  2. Nicole says:

    Thankful that I Just found your blog while researching Rituxan & Bendeka! My mom just finished her 1st round of Chemo on Friday for B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.


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