Hoping to return to normal routine


relay pic_edited

PU co-workers thought of me at Relay for Life


Three months have passed since I last worked. The last three weeks my recovery has continued but remains something of a roller coaster.

Regardless of the ups and downs, for now at least, I’m returning to work Monday, June 26. This was the plan since I took off at the start of April. I miss the routine and I’m tired of being tired.

So an update: I really upped my activity by getting out and about over the past week. I made a trip to Cincinnati and back Wednesday. I was out all but one day over the past week. I still have a real crash of energy every few days.

Additionally, my eyesight remains an issue. I’ve struggled for 4-5 years while the problem worsens. I’ve been through two optometrists and about 5 sets of lenses. I’m going to see how I do with a day in front of a computer and then try the IU School of Optometry next.

I continue to take three different antibiotics and that won’t change for awhile. One of the three, causes physical weakness so I have opposing forces making this harder than it could be.

Finally, for this post, I have to offer thanks again. I’ve continued to learn of people thinking of me and praying for my recovery that I know and don’t know. My co-workers at Purdue University sponsored three luminaries (see pic above) during the annual Relay for Life. I was really touched. I didn’t know this until last week because I wasn’t readying work email regularly. I’ve sent a thank you to my co-workers.

I have learned such acts of kindness — known and even unknown – really hit home in a way that’s hard to explain.

So it’s back to work and I’ll update here in a week or two how I’m handling a full day of work.

I did forget one piece of good news since my last update. I had a PET Scan about three weeks ago and learned two weeks ago it was clean – no cancer. Now, 60 days after the transplant it should be clean – fortunately it was.

I’ve been asked when I will know if the transplant worked? Well, the answer seems a bit snarky but when it comes back it comes back. If I live another 15-20 years cancer free, we know it worked.

Thanks for reading.



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