Was that a corner I just turned?

Cancer treatment recovery is a tricky and stubborn cuss. There certainly are days I feel much better usually followed by a day or two of ‘will this ever end?’

But since my last update, just over a week ago, I feel like I’ve turned some sort of corner. Some of the toxicity has largely disappeared. I had a couple of ‘crash and burn’ afternoon naps but only a couple in the last eight days.

I was able to walk all but two days last week. Really crappy May weather kept me inside two days which was a setback. But on the other days I walked 2-2.5 miles each morning. I’m about to do that this Memorial Day. Also, today I’m adding an afternoon walk – of a distance to be determined. I hope to make the second walk a daily routine.

It also dawned on me last week that I’ve reached the point I need to get out more and do normal stuff. Getting in the car for a half hour or hour drive is more tiring than walking for exercise but much more like life’s normal routine.

I’m scheduled to return to work a month from today. Thinking aggressively, it would be great to go back in three weeks but the whole energy level thing will determine that.

A side effect I know I mentioned in the past has been a real discomfort lately. Before my 2015 diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I was having issues with my vision. My optometrist retired and I stubbornly delayed going to a new one. I tried in late 2014 and in 2015 to get my vision corrected. We just could never get it right. My vision certainly blurred during 2015 chemo – which I knew could happen.

I tried another optometrist last year and the doctor got closer but the same problems. My vision is particularly bad up close which isn’t good for someone who makes his living at a keyboard. We went through two different prescriptions and neither worked.

My vision has been noticeably worse the last few months. I saw the optometrist last week and will get new lenses in a week or so. I can’t say I’m optimistic but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised. I’ve never had this problem in my life until the last few years. The two doctors mentioned get my vision nice and sharp in the office, they make the lenses and they arrive, and I still can’t see clearly.

Just another example of chemo’s evil ways.

So this week it’s more walking, getting out more, and concentrating more on diet.

About Howard

After most of my career in the newspaper business I joined higher education, working in Public Affairs. I write mostly about value wine. I have now taken early retirement and work part-time in a small boutique, retail wine shop in Indianapolis
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