Recovery begins by getting home today

I have not slept in my own bed for 28 days. That feels weird but the streak ends tonight. Yes, I get to go home with my doctor’s full blessing.

I saw my oncologist for my autologous stem cell transplant twice this week and he’s pleased with my progress. I am on several antibiotics and that won’t change any time soon. I’ll be starting another antibiotic Monday which I will take for several months designed to prevent a particular type of pneumonia that seems to favor stem cell transplant patients. There is another, rather complicated, potential infection scare my doctor is consulting with a specialist that may add to my medication lists for an extended period as well. I’ll learn more about that next week.

I’m beyond the high risk of infection from every day life but have work cut out for me in recovery. The doctors say it will take me a month-plus to get back to normal energy. I’ve had a couple situations this week where I got dizzy and just zapped of all energy. That is my big personal challenge while the doctors figure out and keep me on the proper medications. My job is to get moving and stay moving. I’ve been here before (2015 treatment recovery) but this one already feels much tougher.

But going home is a lift. I’ve got a lot of walking to do and maybe some biking a little later on.

But those words “going home” is the best medicine to about any patient.

I’m going home.


About Howard

After most of my career in the newspaper business I joined higher education, working in Public Affairs. I write mostly about value wine. I have now taken early retirement and work part-time in a small boutique, retail wine shop in Indianapolis
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1 Response to Recovery begins by getting home today

  1. Greg Ludlow says:

    Welcome home Howard!


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