A week later: Feeling really good

I haven’t been  good updating this blog between chemo treatments but the last few days have been rather remarkable.

My chemo was Jan. 24 and 25. Reaction was pretty much the same but the yuck extended to Monday and I had to take an extra day off. But since Monday, I’ve felt pretty good. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt better this week than I have in a long, long time. I’m a bit baffled.

I’ve written and written about chemo’s cumulative effect. And after feeling ill Monday I was ready for a rough week. At moment, I only have one theory.

testosteroneLate last summer I went to oncologist complaining I’d never regained my full energy from the 2015 chemo (which was much more debilitating than I just finished.) Doc ran tests and discovered my testosterone was low. I’ve written about this too.

When I first started with the testosterone shots – a bit different than the stuff you hear about in all the ads – Doc told me it could take several months before I felt any difference. I believed in late December that I was starting to feel better. But this week I’ve been really perky for the better part of each day.

It’s been the best I’ve felt, literally, in a couple of years. If I can get clear of this round of chemo I want to get to exercising and lose the chemo weight which I know will also help my energy.

So for now it’s about eating smarter and trying to maintain a higher activity level. I’ll have a PET scan later this month to learn if the cancer is gone. After that, we’ll adopt a strategy to try to keep it gone.

Going out for a birthday dinner tonight! Hosting a small Super Bowl gathering tomorrow night!

Have a great day!

About Howard

After most of my career in the newspaper business I joined higher education, working in Public Affairs. I write mostly about value wine. I have now taken early retirement and work part-time in a small boutique, retail wine shop in Indianapolis
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