Passing a Cancer Milestone, of Sorts

I am six weeks removed from the final chemotherapy treatment and feeling better by the day. I saw my oncologist today and not much to report other than the physical exam was clear and he was happy with my progress.

The final word on my condition will come from a PET scan now schedule for Sept. 23.

Doc and I talked for a good little bit about the cancer recurring. He said if its going to recur it happens most likely in the first 2-3 years. That’s a little different than what I had read prior to the start of treatment, but I’m certainly taking his word over stuff I’ve read on the internet. A no brainer!

peachLast week was a good week as I continued to push myself to expand my days. I spent two-and-a-half days in Indy, basically running around town, with no major negative impact. The bigger problem was spending two nights in different beds when I haven’t really traveled since last fall. I didn’t sleep well and that caught up with me over the weekend.

I didn’t do much and simply felt tired Saturday. I had the familiar chemo crash and burn, unexpectedly, Sunday afternoon. I had not had one of those in at least two-three weeks.

And I just keep learning new goodies about Chemo. My weight was up again this morning and that surprised me. I’ve been pretty well behaved in recent weeks but knew I had not lost any. Doc explained it was not unusual at all. Cytoxin, one of my four Chemo drugs, is known to create weight gain. Oh, goodie! I have to get to work on that.

I am actually returning to work tomorrow. It will be my first day on the job since April 29, my last day before Chemo No. 1.

I’m going to work half days this week before a big football weekend on the road which I want to be a part of as in the past.

I’ll continue to do periodic updates here. It has been a bit of a release for me. Sorry I haven’t been as funny as earlier on. This process certainly sucks a lot of the wind and energy from a person. But I feel it all returning. I just know it will take time.

Oh, and since I had such fun with the loss of my hair two weeks after Chemo No. 1, it should be noted I have very white, very fine peach fuzz on my head and chin. That should be tons of fun to watch develop!


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