Chemo 4: Sucky, Yucky, Expletive Deleted

So the apprehension I had built up for my fourth Chemo treatment Monday has proven to be for naught – so far.

That’s not to say I didn’t have the usual unpleasant headaches and yuck because I did. But the good news is that it wasn’t any worse than the first three nukings. So, four days removed, okay I think I can do this.

My tough days were Wednesday and Thursday with substantial yuck. The yuck suckes. Dry mouth and an unrelenting chemic ickiness in the mouth is the biggest aggravation. Nothing tastes right and the yuck just does not go away. That is coupled with the fatigue which has been a constant companion since the first treatment. Of course, more chemo means more of a culmulative effect for the energy drain.

I have only left house twice since Monday’s treatments and both were short trips within 2 miles of the house.

The other issues that has been bothering me that I read up on a bit this morning is how Chemo can effect your eyesight. I wear quite strong corrective lenses to start with and Chemo has clearly weakened my vision. I was due for some changes before ever learning I had Lymphoma so I put that on hold until I can address it this fall.

It’s become pretty hard to read. Some days I can and some days I just can’t. I noticed it getting worse last week watching television. I could see the picture okay but any print on the screen was very difficulty to read. I noticed this morning that even the picture was blurred a bit but that seems to be different from day to day.

I found a lot on the internet about vision and chemo and the theme was consistent – yes, it’s real and it should return to normal after treatment. Not very satisfactory, but I’ll have to deal with it along with every thing else.


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