Making Adjustments, Good News after Oncologist Visit

I love my oncologist. He’s direct, honest, great sense of humor and puts up with my nonsense.

What a good cancer patient is supposed to have for lunch - and does.

What a good cancer patient is supposed to have for lunch – and does.

This morning’s visit with Doc Butler was mostly good news. He liked the way I got through the first 2-4 days of Chemo but didn’t like the 4-5 days that followed where I still felt yucky.

His diagnosis was that the “other drugs” – not chemo – probably caused my issues.

Those “other drugs” are an immunity shot, a steriod, and a drug to prevent gout. So, we’re cutting those back this week.

My next chemo will be Thursday, May 21. We’re also looking ahead to a possible change in strategy for second half of my treatment – more on that in a moment.

What a could cancer patient should not have at lunch - and does. :)

What a good cancer patient should not have at lunch – and does. 🙂

The other interesting thing was he told me to back off the water consumption after the initial 2-4 days. I had been consuming about 90 ounces a day. He said that could have added a little to my yuckiness post chemo reaction. That also means I might sleep all the way through the night too!

He conducted a brief check and couldn’t find the swollen node in my neck nor under my right arm. Very good news!

I had noticed that my big bad groin node (sounds like a cartoon bad guy) has reduced by 50-75 percent by my estimate. Good old Prednisone at work for two weeks now got them.

But Doc also believes the steriods are causing some of my issues so we’re cutting those back along with the Gout meds.

How I imagine my "Big Bad Groin Node."

How I imagine my “Big Bad Groin Node.”

I had lost nine pounds since my April 30 treatment which I was happy about and he was okay with after I told him how well behaved I’ve been with eating the lean foods, high protein, etc.

The big news from this morning is after my third treatment, June 8, I have an option of trying chemo every two weeks instead of three. The fatigue will continue to increase but with my reaction to the first chemo being minimal, it’s an option the doctor offered.

For me it’s a no brainer. I’ll risk being sick for six weeks instead of being sort of sick for nine. I’ll make that trade.

Doc’s wicked – or maybe sly – sense of humor also got me. In middle of some other topic he noted I was probably going to find clumps of hair later this week – but not on my head.

That Doc – a million laughs. But he delivered good news today – so let him make fun of my impending baldness!

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