So Now We Know The Bug – Let’s Squash It

Good news is in the eye of the beholder. I took today’s phone call from my oncologist as more good news than bad.

My Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma will be classified – or the doctor’s classification – as a moderate cancer. Lymphoma has three degrees of severity – low, medium, and high.

cancer_sucks_non_hodgkins_lymphoma_button-r97737a3745b24488b687120d79cddf47_x7j3i_8byvr_324The testing I’ve been subjected to over the past week  comes back with a diagnosis of low grade cancer with a few asterisks. But, there are characteristics and a few too many large cells for my oncologist’s comfort level. He thought it was medium from his first exam.

That’s okay. Essentially, I guess, you could say I’m sitting on the border of the two. That’s still better than hearing all the pathology and testing said medium grade. I took the doctor’s call as good news which could have been worse.

The doctor recommended treating it as medium level cancer and I totally agreed. That mean’s a couple of extra powerful drugs in my chemo cocktail, but so be it.

After insurance approval, I hope to have my first treatment Wednesday. All in all, not bad news.

A former employee of mine, who I informed yesterday, shared some back and forth via text. His last text really made me smile. He knows me well.

I don’t think I like cancer’s chance against you!

Thanks Adam!

About Howard

After most of my career in the newspaper business I joined higher education, working in Public Affairs. I write mostly about value wine. I have now taken early retirement and work part-time in a small boutique, retail wine shop in Indianapolis
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